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When Choosing a Paintball Park…Do You Know What QUESTIONS to Ask?

Many parks prey on ignorance, then pray you don’t get ask the right questions.

Here at TAG, we will teach you the right questions to ask and then educate you to watch for ‘SPINS’.

We will expose to you some of the industry Nasties. THEN you can make an informed decision.



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Here’s a small list of questions:

Can You Bring Your Own Paintballs?

Self-Equipped Players? How About Renters?

Watch for “DOUBLE STANDARD” Spin!)

How do you TEST Self-Equipped Paintballs?

(Watch the spin…THEY DON’T TEST!!)

Do you have Liability/Medical Insurance?

(Watch the spin…a few DON’T!!)

Average games played per session?

(Ave is 8 hrs playing 10 games)

TAG ave is: 20 games per 3 hr session

How many courses do you have?

(Ave is 4 courses)

TAG has over 10+ courses

We’ll post more questions for you to ask.

There really is no comparison

Controlled vs Uncontrolled Parks

Uncontrolled parks don’t control what paintballs are shot at their parks. They allow the general public to decide what is safe. PROOF: These parks don’t test players paintballs before use! Without testing, how can you verify they are safe? By reading a label? That ‘SPIN’ won’t work! It may be considered negligence in court.

Controlled parks ‘batch test’ paintballs received from ‘lots’ to verify that manufacturers are telling the truth (they just don’t believe a label).

TAG orders custom paintballs that aid in a 54.8% reduction in pain.

Then TAG performs a dozen tests to verify.

Currently, TAG is the ONLY 100% Controlled Paintball Park in the area.